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My Motivation for coaching

Coaching and teaching are very similar, and both have become a great passion of mine. The goal always is to get the best of out each player, make things happen, maximize resources, and ensure that everyone has fun while being part of a great team. Being a player-coach is challenging, and I am trying to improve and learn along the way.

Fun Fact

Once woke up on a Saturday during a Lacrosse tournament, quite bruised from the Friday games, quite hungover from the Friday drinks, and brushed my teeth with muscle-relaxing cream that smelled like mint. Took me about 5 seconds to realize. Would not do it again. Would definitely travel to Sofia, Bulgaria for that tournament though!

My Goals for the season

Well, what season 😊 ? Given the current pandemic my goal is to focus on the upcoming season – Whether for Maastricht Lacrosse that will be again in the Belgian league or the Dutch competition, is something we are currently figuring out. For the players I hope to ensure we can use our at-home time to stay fit (join the workouts by @dan.daniels_), watch some D1 games together and learn, as well as make sure that everyone has some time for wallball.

Best Lacrosse Memory

There are just too many, most of them related to summer tournaments. Participating in the Berlin Open 2014 after only playing Lacrosse for 3 months and getting completely destroyed by most planted the seed to wanting to become a better player. Hosting the 15thBirthday of Maastricht Lacrosse in 2015, and meeting all the alumni that started Lacrosse in the Netherlands in 2000 was massive for the Lamas. Playing abroad in Prague or Sofia and experiencing the culture with local players and many nationalities together always shows how inclusive and welcoming the Lacrosse community in Europe is. Being one of the captains in the Australian National Box Lacrosse Championship for New South Wales was a great achievement as well.

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My Motivation for coaching

 I started coaching because the spot opened up and my fellow Llamas asked me to step up, but I am very thankful that Jonas is helping me coach as I am still lacking some experience in that sector.

My Goals for the season

My goals for the season are to increase team competitiveness to get the most participation in games (when they are allowed again). 

Best Lacrosse Memory

As far as a favorite moment in my lacrosse “career” goes, I’ll never forget the tournament I participated in in Dallas. The weather was horrible, it rained all weekend, and the field was so muddy that our feet would sink in the ground, but it was so much fun. We didn’t win, but that didn’t really matter. 

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