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My Motivation for coaching

I am super motivated to coach the team since so many of them have a lot of potential which I’m exited to explore. I want to help them get more confident, more involved and experienced in the game and in the lacrosse community. I’m excited to share my knowledge that I’ve been able to gain from my past coaches and teams.

My Goals for the season

My overall goal for the team this season is to help them get more comfortable with their stick skills, to develop a basic lax-IQ and to get fit so that as soon as we are able to properly play in a team again we can work on systems and improve our team-play in order to competitively participate in games. 

Best Lacrosse Memory

I'm truly enjoying every single game since playing games are the most fun about this sport and I love the feeling of standing together with my team on the field and competitively working together to win. My highlight has definitely been the World Championships in Canada. Playing against other countries and the friendships I’ve made in the team are the reason why I love this sport so much.

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Fun Fact

When I went to a tournament in Kiel, Germany, I had so much to drink the evening before that I missed out on the first two Lacrosse games that day of the tournament... I don’t recommend that and it’s not good for the team spirit either... but well, since I can’t change what happened I’m just going to laugh about it^^

My Motivation for coaching

My Goals for the season

I’ve always loved being able to pass my knowledge on to others, and although this is my first time being a lacrosse coach, I love motivating others and working out together such as the process of growing to a team that harmonizes well on the field!

Since the season is not exactly what we all were wishing for, I think this is the perfect time to work on our fitness and our stickskills! As soon as we are allowed to practice all together as a team again, we can focus on positioning and the exact build-up of our Lacrosse game.

Best Lacrosse Memory

For this one I go back to the time in the United States; we’ve been working so hard the whole season to beat this one “unbeatable” team. When we had the game it was super demanding and we tied with the team, but it for sure felt as a win! That kind of team spirit and the celebration afterwards was a super special moment!

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