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Vice President Women

Shape actively the future of the Maastricht Lacrosse Women’s team. Spread your team spirit and ensure the competitiveness of the team.  Communicate and coordinate all team-related information, support the coaches and don’t forget: have some fun.

Expectations & Tasks

  • Be responsible for the organization of all sport-related events of the Women’s team

  • Be responsible for tracking and ensuring good attendance at practice and games

  • Coordination between coaches and the board to ensure practice equipment is available

  • Ensure appropriate referees, bench, field, clock participation on home game days

  • Coordinate transport for away game days.

  • Coordinate with NLB Heads of Player Development

  • Optional:

    • Ensure comprehensive practices complemented with additional exercise and encouragement to players to engage in these (e.g., team runs, team weight room sessions)

    • Organize team-specific social or sport events (e.g., Women’s dinner, participation in running events with the Women’s team etc.)


  • Opportunity to experience a contributing role in a sports club, to work in a positive and encouraging environment, learn tasks related to marketing, design, organization and managing a team and club

  • Publicly acknowledged for contributions to the club

Expected weekly workload:

  • 30 to 60 min

Duration of Position:

  • 6 – 12 months (1 – 2 semesters)

Essential criteria

  • must be a current member of the women’s team of the Maastricht Lacrosse Club.

  • comprehensive organizational skills, can communicate effectively & works well in a team.

  • Being dedicated to getting the best out of the women’s team.

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