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Maaslax is Maastricht’s Lacrosse association. If you want to play Lacrosse, work out in a fun way, and regularly join our social activities, become a member!


Membership of Maaslax for the Men's team is 55€ for one semester, or 100€ for the whole year.

Membership of Maaslax for the Women's team is 40€ for one semester, or 70€ for the whole year.

Men's Lacrosse requires substantially more equipment than women's Lacrosse, which we provide for new players. Thus, there is different membership fee for male and female members. Both memberships include insurance and fuel for all regular season game days.



In order to become a member of Maastricht Lacrosse, you need to hold the membership “Sports” (or Sports+Gym) of UM Sport and pay the membership fees. The UM Sport Membership is needed for all Student Sport Associations in Maastricht. You need to provide us with proof of your UM Sports card before signing up for Maastricht Lacrosse.

Costs for the membership “Sports” of UM Sport vary (depending on whether you are a student, employee, external member etc. and also on how early you sign up). You can purchase it via the UM SPORTS Webshop or at the Sportcenter in Randwyck (P. Debyeplein 15).


If you are not eligible for a regular UM Sport membership, contact us.

You are not sure whether Lacrosse is the right sport for you? No problem. Bring water, cleats (if you have some, otherwise any type of sport shoes are fine) and join a couple of our practices for free and give it a try.

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