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4 reasons to study (or work) in Maastricht (and play Lacrosse)

You might be currently deciding which city and university is best for your upcoming studies, or you are recently looking to move somewhere else (and find a city with a Lacrosse team)? Let us tell you why Maastricht ist the perfect city for you, and why our Lacrosse team should be the first sport club you pay a visit!

#1: You will fall in love with the city and the Lacrosse team as soon as you arrive

You will know it as soon as you arrive. The combination of Dutch architecture and other European influences make this place feel very cozy and quaint, and the oldest Dutch Lacrosse artificial turf field with proper Lacrosse markings is here as well! Much like the rest of the Netherlands, the major roads are designed with cyclists in mind yet with many narrow streets to get lost in your new home. When you acquire your own bicycle, you’ll bike to class or work with European history all around you and, depending on where your class is, you might find yourself having it in one of these historic buildings. The short distances from anywhere to the Lacrosse field make our bi-weekly practices super easy to attend.

#2: Maastricht is in the heart of Europe (and we travel to international summer tournaments)

The location of Maastricht within Europe is second to none, you are within multiple Airports (Maastricht, Eindhoven, Brussels, Cologne) that are only an hour or less away, and you have access to almost anywhere in Europe at a low price. While we as a team compete locally, the summers are reserved for fun and (more or less) competitive tournaments all over the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the rest of Europe. Fancy a trip to Prague, play Lacrosse, and experience the culture? We got you! Experience the Amsterdam Lowlands tournament and play and party with more than 10 male and female teams for a whole weekend? It is just a 2h train ride from Maastricht!

#3: You meet people from all over the world (and the Lacrosse team is one of the most international and diverse sport clubs)

Maastricht itself is a very international city, mainly driven by its student population, but also by expats from all over Europe living and working in Maastricht. Our team is equally diverse, and we embrace our international culture and various backgrounds of all our members. Who does not enjoy a team dinner with food from all over Europe and the world? Our team covers a whole range of nationalities, but also different levels of competitiveness and we try our best to cater to all needs. You want to just practice and socialize but do not feel ready to play in the league yet? That is fine with us! You want to become the next rising star and try our for the national team in your country? We make sure to support you along the way. You want to try coaching and develop managerial skills alongside the sport of Lacrosse? We make sure we put you to work if you want to!

#4: Everyone speaks English (and we are looking forward to new members independent of whether you are a rising Lacrosse star or have never played before)

No matter where you are from, you will easily find your way around Maastricht, as nearly everyone speaks enough English to get along. We at Maastricht Lacrosse will make the entry (or continuation) of your Lacrosse career equally simple! We have open practices as soon as the semester starts and you can join for free. We provide equipment for both men's and women's Lacrosse making the entry in the sport easy and affordable. You want to find out more about us? Make sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date!

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