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INKOM 2020 - All questions answered for you!

You are about to or just arrived in Maastricht and can't wait to play Lacrosse again? Or you want to try a new sport and meet new friends in Maastricht during your studies? Usually you would meet us during INKOM at the sports day, but 2020 is a bit different as we all know. Due to COVID19, we cannot host any physical events during INKOM, but we will answer all your questions in an online session that we host on Tuesday the 18th of August. We will try to answer all your questions there, and also summarized the FAQ here:

How can I meet you during INKOM?

We will host an online session via Zoom on Tuesday, 18th of August from 14:00 in which we introduce the club, tell you about how our year usually looks like, and what fun activities you can expect when signing up for Maastricht Lacrosse. You can join via this link:

I can not attend your online event but want to speak to someone, how do I contact you?

Just message us via our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook) or via our website and we will make sure to reply as soon as possible.

Do you have open practices?

Yes, we start with our open practices in the first week of the semester. The first open practice is Monday, the 31st of August at 19:45 at the Sportpark West in Maastricht.

Do I need to sign up?

You do not need to sign up for open practices, just show up in sports clothes and you are good to go!

Do I need equipment?

No, we can provide you with Lacrosse equipment. You only need sports clothes & shoes and your own water bottle.

How often do you practice?

We practice twice a week (Monday 19:45-21:45, Wednesday 19:30-21:30).

And what about the COVID19 situation?

We ensure our members safety by following all guidelines with regard to our practices and events. For now (15th of August, 2020), it looks like that our practices as well as league games and tournaments will go ahead as planned.

We hope you enjoy INKOM despite these unusual times and are looking forward to meet you at our first open practice!

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