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  • Jonas Heller

Lacrosse Will Be Back - #1 - Revelling in old memories

Updated: May 24, 2020

Today marks the day that we have not been able to practice or be involved in any club related activity for six weeks, and despite small improvements with regard to the COVID19 situation becoming more evident, there is little to no chance to experience one of the famous summer Lacrosse tournaments this year. Maastricht University has closed down until at least September 2020, and the famous freshmen week "INKOM" that is a key recruitment event for all sport clubs has been cancelled, or moved to a different format than usual.

What does this mean for our Lacrosse club? The Lamas are still going strong, safely from their homes. Most club members have left Maastricht to study from their parents places in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, or elsewhere in Europe or the US. We are currently holding bi-weekly HIIT workouts via Zoom with all members interested. Some of us use the time to keep their stamina up by going for runs, and one or the other online team socializing activity happened via Skype or Zoom as well.

Yet, the loss of the sport we love hits us as hard, and we cannot wait to get back on the field, or at least in the park to have a toss with team members, and the cancellations of all anticipated summer tournaments are another.

The first tournament of every semester is usually the Newcomers Tournament in Nijmegen. While for now it is hard to say whether it will happen, we found some old memories of our participation in 2015. Enjoy the video and keep on working out - Lacrosse Will Be Back!

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