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  • Jonas Heller

Lamas hold off Kannibalz

After a fierce battle with the Nijmegen Kannibalz, Maastricht Lacrosse took the first place in the Division with a 9-5 victory. Scoring two early goals to get ahead proved vital for sucess as Lorenz Lehmhaus and Jason Monroe opened the scoring. From then on, it was Nijmegen who took the initiative relying on shots from the outside. Timo von Meyer in goal stood tall to keep the Lamas in the lead. Again, the Veteran experience of Lorenz Lehmhaus and the American players helped score the crucial goals to take a two goal lead (5-3) into halftime.

The second half saw more of the same with the Kannibalz making a push for the Lamas goal. But the defensive trio of Clemens Blettgen, Hristo Todorov and Ivan Rainovksi shut down the Nijmegen offense. Up front, Lorenz Lehmhaus (3), Casey Gill (3) and Jason Monroe (3) split the goals to secure the victory.

Maastricht Lacrosse are now 4-0 and rest comfortable in the first place of the second division. With another win on Sunday against former Division Champions Eindhoven a perfect start to the season would be complete.

Face Off is at 14.00 at Nijmegen Blackhawks.

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