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  • Jonas Heller

Lamas rally to 9-3 victory

In a physical and high tempo game, Maastricht Lacrosse secured the second win of the season against the Nijmegen Blackhawks. In rainy conditions, Nijmegen took the early lead with two quick goals in the first ten minutes.

After taking a timeout to settle the team down, Maastricht started to play better defense and depended on the experienced American players in the Team. Casey Gill and Daniel Thomas from Muhlenberg were leading the team to two quick goals to tie it up at two goals each.

Nijmegen scored in the second quarter on a low shot through traffic to regain the lead. But this time, the Lamas answered with physical play. Jason Monroe from Muhlenberg lead the team in hits and provided the necessary quickness on the counter attacks. Adrian Hoffstädter scored late in the second quarter to finish off three unanswered goals for the 5-3 halftime score.

The second half saw a Blackhawks team trying to get back into the game but Timo von Meyer in goal stood tall and made the saves to give the Lamas the support they needed. The experience by the American players helped Maastricht protect the lead in the fourth quarter. As the final whistle blew, Maastricht added 4 more goals to the scoresheets.

All in all, Maastricht showed some real promise for the rest of the season but the best teams in the Division are still to come. The next gameday will be on Sunday, November 25.

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