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NEW: Maaslax Interview Series

Interested what being a Lacrosse coach, board member, or player is like? Never seen Lacrosse in real life before? Maaslax would like to introduce you to a number of its coaches, board members, and players. Interesting insights into the team and and the sport are a promise, but check it out yourself!

This interview will be starring Carlos Reichard, the men team’s offence coach.

How long have you been coaching?

Round about 3 years, give or take. My coaching journey began back with the Youth Team of Frankfurt Lacrosse, after having played there for quite some years myself. Here in Maastricht I have only been coaching for less than a year.

Have you coached another lacrosse team prior to your time at Maastricht Lacrosse?

I started coaching the Frankfurt Lacrosse Youth Team, while I was still a player myself, since we did not have a coach – me and a friend then decided to take matters into our own hands. Of course, here in Maastricht everything is on a bigger scale, and more serious because we have older, more mature and experienced players.

What do you like about coaching?

As coaches we need to understand the bigger picture of the game – tactics, rules, technique etc. – which means we have quite some learning to do ourselves. Each time I’m on the field I learn more about the game and the team, as well as its individual members. I love to see other players evolve, learn and especially enjoy when that indescribable passion for the sport ignites in the eyes of rookies. In the end that’s what it’s about for us coaches and players: passion.

Have you developed a coaching philosophy? If yes, what is it?

Yes and No. Three years is a short time, and both teams I have coached require different approaches, because they are so different. I have taken some of my past experience and combined it with what I’m learning here in Maastricht every day. However, one of the points I focus most on is the sport itself, and that is what I try to convey in practice, passion and personal commitment to this amazing, rich sport.

What are the strengths of the Maastricht lacrosse team?

The Lamas have an amazing group dynamic. We spend so much time together – on and off the field – which really helps us grow as a team. New players feel at home with us so quickly, it’s incredible.

What skills does the team still have to work on?

I would probably point out two things: commitment and communication. Both are essential to the sport and go hand in hand. Commitment, because the sport is very technical and requires each player to invest time on their own, off the field, outside of practice. Communication (on the field), because there is no way to win without communicating, this goes for all positions: defence, midfielders and attack. It takes time, but were getting there!

Are there any improvements of the team in the recent past?

A lot of changes in the team have happened over the past few years, most of which I never witnessed. However, we as a team still benefit from those improvements of a rather structural nature, today. Since I have been coaching I have seen players that joined the team at the same time as me, develop their lacrosse skills incredibly quickly.

Can you think of a team moment to remember?

In the few months I have been part of the team, there have been countless moments to remember, but if I would have to pick one it would be the trip to the Newcomers Tournament in Nijmegen in the fall of last year, when I had only just recently joined. Most of the guys were playing their first real, full on game, and it was great to see them play with other Dutch teams, as well as to cheer for our Lama-Ladies with Lenny the Lama. Later we all had a BBQ with the other teams, and went home by train. It was delightful to see everyone so enthusiastic about Lacrosse!

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