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NEW: Maaslax Interview Series

Interested what being a Lacrosse coach, board member, or players is like? Never seen Lacrosse in real life before? Maaslax would like to introduce you to a number of its coaches, board members, and players. Interesting insights into the team and and the sport are a promise, but check it out yourself!

This interview will be starring Jeniffer Etoré, responsible for our Event Management.

What is your board position at Maastricht Lacrosse?

Event management. So, as it already says, organising events, for example walking dinners, pub nights, BBQs, scrimmages and team activities.

Is this your first board position in an association? In your opinion, how does a board position at Maastricht lacrosse differ from similar positions at other associations?

Previously I was part of an excursion committee of ESN Groningen, hereby we had to organise day and weekend excursions (Amsterdam, Antwerp, and a Sailing weekend). The current board of Maastricht Lacrosse has made a huge difference. All together we put Maastricht Lacrosse back on the map and made sure that the organisation was back on its feet. My current board position offers great satisfaction. It is really nice to organise events whereby the members of both the men’s and women’s team are getting to know each other better and this causes a nice dynamic between the teams. Furthermore, each team also has its own activities and every time you see all the players getting closer to each other.

How would you describe your personal responsibilities towards the team?

In my opinion my personal responsibilities is to make sure that everyone has a nice time, is appreciated in the team and feels welcom. By organising events and team activitiesm, this will hopefully be achieved.

As the oldest lacrosse organization in the Netherlands, Maastricht Lacrosse is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. How would you describe the experience of being “Lama”?

It is hard to describe it in words, being ‘Lama’ covers it already. You are part of a society, even if you don’t know the old members you already have a bond with each other. We are able to organise the Lustrum event because al old and new members still feel connected towards the Lamas and are all looking forward to be part of our anniversary.

What do you like best about Maastricht Lacrosse?

The connection between the members. It doesn’t matter whether we are in a scrimmage, in a bar or having dinner together, you are always with friends.

In your opinion, what are the biggest improvements within the team since the implementation of the new board?

We started with almost nothing, in a short time we (the board) got to know each other and wanted to do our best. We can certainly be proud of our achievements so far: official contracts for the trainers, new members, new equipment, getting the finances in check (Thanks to our treasurer Linus), establishing a good relation with the people from the sport facility, making new relations with other lacrosse clubs in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. I can go on for a while, but I guess the point I want to make is that we as a board were able to achieve all this because of teamwork, and of course, we couldn’t have done this without all our members.

What could be improved within the organization of the team?

Even though we achieved a lot of things so far, there is still a long way to go. Personally, I dream for both the men’s and women’s team that they will participate in the league as from September 2015.

Can you think of a team moment to remember?

Yes, of course. In September 2014 we participated in the Rookie Tournament in Nijmegen. This was for both the our teams the first game since a long time. It already started in the train ride to Nijmegen (a 3 hour train-ride): from that point there was already a great interaction in and between the teams. During the tournament the girls would support the guys and vice versa. We just finished making a mascot called Lennie the Lama, so he was a nice addition to all the supporters. And as this was the first game for almost every girl, we were all nervous, excited and I guess, more nervous. We won all games up to the final. The fact that we achieved the finals made us feel like the most awesome team. We did lose the final, but when we left Nijmegen, we left as champions. In addition I would like to mention that Inki, our coach had done an amazing job: Inki, thank you!

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