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  • Jonas Heller

Maastricht Women to participate in Gameday in Trier (GER)

On Saturday the 14th of October, the Maastricht Lacrosse Women’s Team joined other clubs from Trier, Saarbrücken, Kaiserslautern and Luxembourg for a Lacrosse Game Day in Trier. It turned out to be a sunny and nice day for the ladies, with many playing their first games after the Newcomer Tournament. 8 Lamasitas traveled all the way down to Trier for a small-field game day.

The women played 6 a side with two 15 min periods per game. In order to give new players enough playing time, it was decided to have 2 new players (also called “rookies”) on the field at all times.

The very first game for the “Lamas” was against Saarbruecken/Luxembourg/Trier . The final score was 9-3 for the “SaLuTris”. The following game against Kaiserslautern ended in a defeat as well, but we could see a good improvement from game to game. This was also shown in the rematched again “SaLuTris” which the end the “Lamas” ended up winning by one point. Overall the gameday added a lot of experience and memories to our ladies. Thanks to Trier for organizing it!

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