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INKOM & Growth Committee

The INKOM is the most important and productive recruiting event of the year for most associations and that goes double for Maastricht Lacrosse. Be responsible for our major recruitment event, and not only. Help the Lamas to grow throughout the year with tons of different activities and events that will draw attention to the club and the great people in it.

Expectations & Tasks

  • Be a club ambassador and promote the Club

  • Help to recruit new players throughout the year

  • Organize events such as clinics in highschools (similar to last years WinterLax)

  • Coordinate and plan the INKOM events by Maastricht Lacrosse

  • Organize recruitment events like the Sports Day

  • Clerical work to get all the permits and time slots

  • Work closely together with the other committees


  • Opportunity to experience a contributing role in a sports club, to work in a positive and encouraging environment, learn tasks related to marketing, organization and managing a team and club

  • Publicly acknowledged for contributions to the club

Expected weekly workload:

  • 30 to 60 min

Note: Even though the INKOM only takes place in late August and the largest portion of the work will take place in the later months of the second semester, the committee will still be responsible to plan recruiting events throughout the year.

Duration of Position:

  • 6 – 12 months (1 – 2 semesters)


  • 3 to 4

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