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  • Jonas Heller

Game Day: A-Team Aachen vs. Maastricht Lacrosse

On Monday November 3, the LAMAS entered into another successful and stimulating game day against the A-Team from Aachen.

On the top-notch Aachen pitch, excited spectators and fans watched two thriling matches between Aachen and Maastricht Lacrosse. Both the Maastricht mens and girls team were pushed and heavily supported by the team’s mascot “Lenny the Lama”, which again underlined the heavy support for the LAMAS during their games.

The girls team experienced an unfortunate loss against Aachen, whereas the mens team shined through their remarkable defence performance while breath-taking opportunities in offence were missed. The match between the two mens teams ended 1 : 1, calling for a rematch in the soon future.

Every member of the Maastricht Lacrosse team would like to shout out a sporty thank you to Aachen for hosting this wonderful evening. We are anxiously awaiting the rematch against the A-Team, which is soon to happen.

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