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Lacrosse Will Be Back - #3 - Interviewing Coach Elisa Vollrath

Updated: May 24, 2020

Lacrosse will be back soon - We are currently in close contact with the NLB and UM Sport to carefully consider how and when practices could restart again. While we are aware of the fact that all of you are striving to get back on the field soon, we will need to wait a bit longer before we can practice again.

Until then, as part of our "Lacrosse Will be Back" series, we have started to interview your beloved coaches Elisa and Harry to check how they are dealing with the situation, what they miss most about Lacrosse and Maastricht, as well as getting some other funny insights!

First up, our women's coach Elisa. Listen to how our Vice-President Jonas interviewed her on the link below.

Enjoy the video and remember - Lacrosse Will Be Back!

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