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Maaslax Interview Series: Ivan Rainovski

NEW: Maaslax Interview Series

Interested what being a Lacrosse coach, board member, or players is like? Never seen Lacrosse in real life before? Maaslax would like to introduce you to a number of its coaches, board members, and players. Interesting insights into the team and and the sport are a promise, but check it out yourself!

This first interview will be starring Men’s Coach Ivan Rainovski

How long have you been coaching?

Almost two years now. I started coaching the Lamas with the help of Christoph Kreker in the beginning of September 2013. That year (2013-2014) was mainly a learning experience/introductory course into coaching also thanks to Thijs Bijloo and Kreker.

Have you coached another lacrosse team prior to your time at Maastricht Lacrosse?

No, I had never played lacrosse prior my time at Maastricht Lacrosse. Although, I would like to go back to home-land Bulgaria to coach in some of the schools, so I can support the lacrosse development in areas where the sport is rather unknown.

What do you like about coaching?

I learn a lot during every practice. There is one thing I especially realized this year: although I have experience in playing and teaching the everyday tricks of lacrosse, explaining why and how you have to do them is a difficult task, which requires a lot of preparation and understanding. I get to learn a bit more every time I go to coach on practice.

Have you developed a coaching philosophy?

No definitely not yet. I’m still in the phase of learning how to approach certain situations with regards to coaching and motivating people. Hopefully this continues and in a couple of years this question could be answered in the positive.

What are the strengths of the Maastricht lacrosse team?

Everyone in the team wants to learn and get better. I think having this spirit in your team makes everything else much easier.

What skills does the team still have to work on?

Definitely, our team communication and the team spirit have to be improved. Everything else you get through investing time into practicing specific skills. All you need is some time, which we have.

Are there any improvements of the team in the recent past?

Yes definitely. Both in board organization and coaching structure there have been major improvements. In essence, we experienced an incredible increase in the number of players. The entire team underwent a steep learning, which fascinates me day by day.

Can you think of a team moment to remember?

As I have been with the Lamas since 2012, I have experienced a lot of different people and crazy moments with all of them. It is definitely hard to pin point one specific moment from all these 3 years. One of the most cherished memories I can remember is walking into Burger King somewhere on the highway. The players were all muddy, bloody and limping after a hard game against one of the Dutch teams. This is how I imagine Lacrosse!

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